Free Download iThemes Security Pro v6.8.0 [Activated]

iThemes Security Pro Free Download Latest Version – iThemes Security Pro is a highly protected WordPress plugin, with the help of it you can protect your WordPress website from being hacked very easily or from hackers. It is a professional security WordPress plugin if you have a great business. If you want to hack it, you can keep your website safe with the help of this plugin. It is a trustworthy WordPress security. All the websites in the world are 25% only on WordPress and it is very easy to hack a website on WordPress. That’s why iThemes has launched a very good Security Pro plugin for hackers.

In iThemes Security Pro you get very special features which are successful in giving good protection for your website such as the option of security check, in this you will get the settings according to the recommendation of the plugin which is on the condition of your website, meaning like you should set It will be applied automatically in the global setting, you get the basic setting, in this, you get the option of notification center, with this you can know about any security-related issue or information through the notification if your website has an error detection of 404. It will notify you that you can fix it very easily so iThemes Security Pro is a very secure WordPress plugin.

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Best Features of iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Removes WordPress Security Breaches
  • Brute Force Protection for WordPress
  • Automatically detects any file change in your database
  • Force you to create a strong password
  • Bans Multiple failed login attempts IP.
  • Makes WordPress Dashboard inaccessible during specific hours
  • Scheduled database backup
  • Change the default WordPress login URL
  • Notification through mail address if anything goes wrong
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security dashboard to monitor activities
  • Bans specific IP and user agents
  • Automated Malware Protection
  • Trusted devices
  • Automatic software updates
  • Allow changing content directory
  • Database table prefix change also possible

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iThemes Security Pro v6.8.0 (Changelog):

  • New Feature: iThemes Security now supports Passwordless Login and reCAPTCHA v3 for Restrict Content Pro ( version 6.4.3 and later ).
  • Enhancement: Overwrite Restrict Content Pro’s detected IP address with the IP detected by iThemes Security.
  • Tweak: Application Passwords compatibility with WordPress 5.6.
  • Bug Fix: Two Factor and Passwords Requirements compatibility with Restrict Content Pro.
  • Bug Fix: PHP warnings that may occur when initializing default user groups on a new installation.
  • Important: iThemes Security requires WordPress 5.4 or later.
  • New Feature: Manage bans from the Security Dashboard with the new Banned Users card.
  • Enhancement: Support writing a note describing why a ban was added.
  • Enhancement: Add a WP CLI command for managing bans, wp its ban.
  • Bug Fix: PHP warnings when invalid entries are stored in the WordPress Cron storage.
  • And some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Free Download iThemes Security Pro v6.8.0 (Latest Version) – Security Plugin for WordPress

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