Free Download Fuse v5.1.0 HTML Template [Latest Version]

Fuse HTML Template Free Download – Fuse is the admin template of a very famous Angular version. It was created on 26 April 2018 by withinpixels on the Themeforest marketplace. Angular version is also integration with it. Access latest features and bug fixes, make pull request to help us improve the template, vote for features and more. Open community for discussing, sharing ideas, insights and helping each other. It comes with bumber of diffrent color theme presets. you can also create yours very easily. So Fuse react is most powerful admin panels you can manage any data management.

Fuse react is a great kick-starter for your next project. Don’t lose any time designing or structuring your pages, pick one and start coding your logic right away. it has built-in layout management that allows for different layouts for different pages/routes. Ever-growing number of functioning application examples to cut your development time. You can log-in register also saves user data. So Fuse react is a most powerful Admin panel

Best Features of Fuse – React Admin Template Redux Toolkit Material Design React Hooks

  • React
  • React Redux
  • Material-UI Next
  • Tailwind
  • Create React App
  • React Router 4
  • Redux Thunk
  • Material Icons
  • Roboto typeface family by Google
  • React Table
  • Forms React
  • Google Map React
  • React ChartJs 2
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Project Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • To-Do
  • E-Commerce
  • Mail
  • File Manager
  • Contacts
  • Chat
  • Scrum board
  • Academy
  • Skeleton Project
  • Code Splitting
  • Authorization
  • Custom color management
  • 20+ content layouts
  • Multi-Language Example
  • RTL Support

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Latest Version Fuse v5.1.0 (Changelog):

  • Add: FullScreenToggle added into the theme toolbars,
  • Add: i18nSlice created to store the current language in the redux store. change language action created and used in LanguageSwitcher.js
  • Add: Adjustments for better responsive design
  • Add: tailwindcss updated to v1.8.6
  • All dependency packages updated.
  • Fix: FuseDialog and FuseMessage actions added into serializableCheck ignoredActions list.
  • Fix: ScrumboardApp: non-existent board redirect error fixed.
  • Fix: Forms components missing color attribute added.
  • Fix: theme layout footer cannot scroll on mobile.
  • Fix: FuseSearch, FuseShortcuts cannot find a translated navigation item, translation process moved into the redux store.

Download Free Fuse v5.1.0 – (Latest Version) React Admin Template Redux Toolkit Material Design React Hooks

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